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We recruit the top 3% of finance and accounting talent.
our talent + process

We're not for everyone.

The talent we represent are technically strong, but their interpersonal and communication skills are what set them apart from the stereotypical finance and accounting professional. They're the top 3%.

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What difference does hiring the top 3% make?

The characteristics of the top 3% make this talent most effective at collaboration and building relationships, while partnering and providing value to other business units.

A team that consists of the top 3% allow its leaders to stay out of the weeds so they can contribute to strategic planning, business growth, and accelerating their careers.

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How do we quantify the top 3%? We thought you’d ask.

Step 1.

With over 93,000 qualified CPA’s and 21,000 aspiring CPA’s in the Greater Toronto Area, we rely on tools and technology to curate a list of approximately 300 potential candidates for every talent search.

Step 2.

We interview 30-50 and qualify 10 best suited to the company culture, diversity objectives and role requirements.

Step 3.

Within 5 business days, we share the top 3-5 of those candidates with our clients for them to interview. We spend the time so our clients don’t have to.

our difference

We’re not just another finance and accounting recruitment firm. 

Hiring is a headache, but not with us.

Hiring takes time and costs money. Recruitment firms that use the “spray and pray” or “throw spaghetti on the wall hoping it will stick” approaches, waste more time and cost more money. 

We understand that by the time you contact us you needed someone in the seat yesterday. With us, you could have a superstar in the role before next month-end.

We measure success differently.

Traditional recruitment firms measure success by sales activity. Essentially, salespeople are expected to help you make important hiring decisions. 

We measure success by the quality of our work. Our metrics are based on client and candidate satisfaction. It's simple.

We recruit you. And we recruit for you.

Our relationships are long lasting and they evolve. Clients seeking talent for their teams eventually seek new opportunities for themselves, and then they're our clients again.


Throughout your career, we follow and we're always there to assist.

When you’ve found a good recruitment partner, you know. If you think you can do better, let’s chat. 

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What people are saying about us.

Syra submitted solid candidates, in spite of us being quite particular on what we were looking for in this search. In the end, it turned out that the candidate she felt most strongly about was also the one who we decided to hire.

What set Syra apart is that she really nailed the understanding of our needs, office personality, and the culture. Other recruiters that have worked with us similarly tried to understand our needs and our culture, but I found they didn’t truly grasp it simply based on the quality/fit of interviewees they placed in front of us.

We appreciated how Syra was so easy to work with, very responsive to calls and emails, and respectful of our time. Very professional.

The Matchmaker.

In my personal life, I'm the matchmaker - always connecting people in my network.

​Professionally, I'm an industry top performer with over ten years experience and I've worked at GTA's most recognizable finance and accounting recruitment firms before launching Talent Department.

I believe the reason I succeed is because I'm passionate about finding exceptional talent and matching them to the perfect opportunity. It's professional matchmaking!

Syra A. Jan

Principal, Talent Department


Our story in numbers.

Our areas of expertise.

We've been recruiting aspiring and designated CPA's at all levels of their careers for over ten years. We represent talent at the junior, intermediate and senior levels, on a temporary or permanent basis. 

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Over 900 candidates successfully hired in all levels of finance and accounting

Trusted by more than 375 clients in 20+ industries (and counting!)

85% of our candidates win when competing with other agency candidates (45% is industry standard)

Less than 1% of candidates we've placed have resulted in need of a replacement 

Recruiting finance and accounting professionals since 2012 

14 recruitment-related awards recognizing me as an industry top performer

We specialize in the following functions and roles.


  • Controller

  • Accounting Manager

  • Accountant

  • Treasury

  • Bookkeeper

  • Accounts Payable 

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Payroll and Benefits Administrator

  • Payroll Manager

Accounting Operations Financial Reporting

Financial Planning and Analysis

  • Finance Manager

  • Senior Financial Analyst

  • Financial Analyst

  • Finance Coordinator

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

Tax, Audit and Compliance

  • Tax Partner

  • Tax Manager

  • Tax Analyst

  • Tax Accountant

  • Audit Partner

  • Audit Director

  • Audit Manager

  • Auditor

Internal/External Audit

Tax Planning

IFRS/GAAP Compliance

Strategy and Senior Leadership

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Vice President of Finance

  • Director of Finance

Finance Business Partner

Senior Leader

The growing list of industries we've served.

Asset Management




Credit Union



Financial Services









Private Equity

Public Accounting

Real Estate




If you’ve come this far, we should connect.

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